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TRANSCRIPT: Meet the Clover Assistant by Clover Health

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In many cases, information is spread across the health system.

I certainly expect my primary care physician to have access to all the pieces.

The evidence-based guidelines and recommendations are changing all the time.

A couple years ago I had surgery and I was inundated with paperwork.

The voices of doctors and patients, they were our inspiration for the Clover Assistant.

You go to your doctor, he’s on a treadmill, every fifteen minutes he’s got to get another patient in.

It’s very common for me to have patients with three or four active chronic conditions.

There wasn’t continuity of care. And then you end up not getting the care you were looking for in the first place.

And it was like ok, I just retired and you’re gonna do this to me?

The Clover Assistant is a web application and a physician uses it every visit they have with one of our members and it’s tuned to show them clinically useful, personalized relevant information that helps them give better care during that visit. So what we can do is match every patient’s individual data, because we’ve pulled it all together, with all these clinical evidence based protocols that are coming out all the time. And now for every PCP visit, every doctor visit that PCP is seeing exactly the information they need and technology is powering all of that.

I was taking a pain medication that reacted badly and I ended up in the hospital.

I went to see my physician and he said, “oh gee, why are you here?” and I said aren’t you aware I was in the emergency room?

If the data I have on a patient is not up to date then I could be making a medical error.

The way that our technology helps, specifically is to personalize the care for every single member. So we’re not saying across the board treat everyone the same. Everyone is different and technology is really good at bringing that difference to the surface and personalizing care.

The information is really set up for me in an efficient way within the program.

It means I’m providing better care, and it also means I have confidence that I’m providing better care and patients feel that.

We see this as a way we can make the whole system more efficient. It’s a huge bureaucracy around doing paperwork and filing claims and checking insurance. So if we can take that inefficiency out of the system, power it with technology, help physicians give better care, we can take that and actually make healthcare more affordable and at the same time give better benefits and better outcomes.

Clover Assistant really creates a conversation between the doctor and the health plan through the technology and I think doctors feel more respected when it’s a conversation than when a health plan just says you need to do this or that because when health plans do that they’re often wrong.

A lot of times we get questions when they say, well physicians don’t use software. And we’re like no, they want to use software, we all, we live in a technological world at this point. We’ve just been giving physicians bad software, unfortunately. We have a way of informing and educating and engaging with any PCP, we scale at the speed of software.

It is such a delight to have all the information I need right there in front of me and then I feel great about the care that I’m providing my patients.

Clover Assistant is being used by physicians. They enjoy using it because it’s built for them and they know that when they use it they are actually helping take care of a senior better than if they weren’t using it.


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